Lance and Julie Lindeman(non-registered)
Great photos!
Judy Lehner(non-registered)
What wonderful photography! You have an incredible eye to see things from perfect angles! Thanks so much for letting us know about them!
Ruth Carlsen
I love your work! I like the portraits as well as the horses but my favorite is the macro section. Such creativity!!! Great job!
I just wanted to drop you a note and say how much I love your stuff! So talented! Love you!
Dustie Marie Clements(non-registered)
I'm writing a story about your JUR(Y) submission as well as others, came here to check you out! I love your photography and I wanted to say how much I've enjoyed having class with you. Hopefully I'll see you next semester!
Chad Coppess(non-registered)
Hi Eva, Fun site you've got here. I'm enjoying learning with your Historic Cemeteries book. It is always fun when someone makes the effort to collect information like this and share it with everyone.
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